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The Boys and Girls Club of The Seminole Nation of Oklahoma was formed in 2021, through a cooperative effort with the Housing Authority of Seminole Nation, and The Boys and Girls Club of America. The chapter is committed to empowering the youth in the community though positive leadership and cultural inclusion.  Boys & Girls Club of The Seminole Nation of Oklahoma officially opened on September 1, 2022.  

                                                        MISSION STATEMENT


“To provide a safe and nurturing environment that guides each young person on their path to developing good character, a respect of culture and diversity, academic excellence and the development of a healthy mind body and spirit.”

                                                                           VISION STATEMENT


“Provide a world-class club experience that assures success, by offering opportunities for all young people to achieve the ambitious vision of great futures, while sustaining and respecting unique cultural values and traditions.”

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b  ys & Girls Club

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Click the play buttons below to hear our values in the Mvskoke (Creek) language.



“Faith is the head of our value system. In practicing our faith in God, we should strive to grow in wisdom and love each day. When we grow in wisdom and love, we should choose to exhibit integrity and be more equipped to give and, as a result, receive respect and forgiveness.”—Ella Coleman, Former Assistant Chief, Seminole Nation of Oklahoma



FAITH (vkvsvmkv)-Having complete trust and confidence in the Creator who made us. Faith that He provides and will fulfill his good works through us. We believe our work in the BGCSNOK is honoring to the Creator, and all we do, we do unto Him.


WISDOM (hoporrenkv)-The quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgment. As you go through life, you should strive to develop knowledge for things and to use your knowledge to make wise decisions. We should also use our wisdom to advise the younger generation.


LOVE (vnokeckv)- Practicing a mutual growth, support, respect, and understanding for eachother. All parties are invested in each other's success, happiness and well-being. Love also means putting others above yourself. We ought to love the Creator and ourselves, as we are children of the Creator. We also ought to love all others, as they are the creation of God.  


RESPECT (oh-vrakkuecetv)- For yourself and one another. Respect one another’s property and be presentable. Respect for children and elders. Respect for your family name.


FORGIVENESS (em-merretv)-To have compassion for one another and offer forgiveness that the Creator offers us as his children.


INTEGRITY (fvccetv)-The quality of being honest, undivided, and having strong moral principles. We have integrity so we can trust and depend on eachother. We face our mistakes with honesty and we choose to grow through them.   

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